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Our team of professionals handle every project from small to multi-million dollar homes at our state of the art fabrication facility. With our focus on inventory, we are committed to stocking only the highest quality stone with a wide selection of shade variation.

"Silestone® is the hybrid surface of premium minerals, quartz and recycled materials more advanced and sustainable on the market, manufactured with the exclusive and innovative HybriQ® technology.

Sustainability and innovation come together in a surface composed of minerals, quartz, and recycled materials that provide depth of color and high performance." Contact a sales executive for more information!


"Dekton is Cosentino's innovative, ultra-compact and high-performance surface that offers endless design possibilities for outdoor and indoor spaces.

Dekton countertops are highly resistant to stains, making them very easy to clean and maintain. Kitchen utensils will not scratch Dekton. Dekton withstands the highest temperatures without any damage to the surface." Contact a sales executive for more information! 


MC Surfaces procures and fabricates gorgeous and unique granite and quartzite slabs. We offer various styles and colors to match any builder's program or work directly with your sales executive to create a custom program just for your homeowners!

Browse through our vast selection of home enhancement products. These items are showcased in our Design Centers, located in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, Texas. 
Contact a sales executive for more information!

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