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**This listing is for sample only; to order countertop material by the square foot in TX (Houston - San Antonio - Austin), please call us to order or schedule a measure: 218.784.1700


Price Per Square Foot: Contact us for pricing.

Price Per 6"x6" Sample (Can Purchase Online): $8
Material: Granite
Thickness: 3 cm
Main Colors: White & Grey
Available Edges: Straight, Bullnose, Waterfall, Ogee

Blanco Galia

  • Granite

    Comprised of many different types of crystals, granite is a natural stone that is quarried in countries all across the globe. Because of its diamond-strength durability and timeless, classic appeal, granite tops the ranks in stone popularity and is arguably the most well-known of all the countertop surfaces.  Granite was even used in the construction of the pyramids in ancient Egypt!  Adding to the attractiveness of this worldly surface is its ease of care and longevity. Granite is naturally stain resistant, heat resistant, and scratch resistant, making it a worry-free choice for any interior or exterior project.  With so many granite selections of varying colors, veins, markings, patterns and movement, you are sure to find a one-of-a-kind slab to fit your home or building.

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