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**Tile material is sold per box; please see below description for amount of square feet included in each box. Add number of boxes needed to your cart**



  • Craft II™ is an intriguing statement tile for a crisp, contemporary approach to wall design.
  • Classic neutrals take on an undulating glossy finish for a refreshing complement to any décor
  • Undulating design gives a sense of movement




  • Decorative wall tile only 
  • Recommended minimum grout joint of 1/16"
  • Can be used for residential or commercial  applications.



3x12 Picket :

  • Square Feet Per Box: 9.33
  • Price Per Box: $75.57
  • Price Per Square Foot: $8.10

Craft ($8.10/SQFT)

  • 3X12 Picket

    • Width: 2.95."
    • Length: 11.81"
    • Thickness: 9 mm*
    • Tile Composition: Ceramic
    • Surface Type: Glazed
    • Finish: Glossy
    • Application: Interiors
    • Usage: Commercial or residential walls
    • Weight: 34.76 LBS/CTN

    * Tile thickness could vary based on size. Larger format tiles will have a higher thickness.

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