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Color Trends and Tile 2021

2021 has been about getting back to the things we love and reconnecting with the world around us. The color trends this year have us creating homes that are calm, welcoming and relaxing. Warm neutrals, deep rich tones and all the shades of black help create a space you want to come home to. Did you know there are beautiful tiles to help you be on trend?

Warm neutrals

Soothing, warm tones bring the outside in. Rich terracotta and warm white colors create a serene and relaxing space. Spaces inspired by nature bring a sense of calmness and peace. Muted neutrals in your tile selections allow for endless possibilities when choosing your accents.

Bedrosians Makato

Deep rich tones

Rich colors bring life to a space. Deep greens and blues welcome us home and remind us of beautiful places. By using these rich tones in bathrooms, you can create a space that invites you to relax and unwind. These gorgeous bold colors are a statement and on trend.

Emser Passion

Shades of black

Black is now taking center stage. No longer is black just for accents. Black brings warmth and drama to a space. Consider using black tile on fireplaces, patios, laundry room floors or accent walls. Whether you choose a matte or polished finish Black tile is sure to steal the show.

Interceramic Wheelhouse and Gosford Park

Interceramic Construct

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