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What is Schluter?!

Schluter Systems offers a trim solution for wall and floor tile creating a beautiful finish for both commercial and residential tile installs!

Where did Schluter System get it's name?

"In 1966 a young Master Tile Setter named Werner Schlüter embarked on his first business venture: founding Schluter Tile. A few years later, Mr. Schlüter developed a product that would revolutionize not only his work as a tile setter, but the industry as a whole: Schluter®-SCHIENE, a metal finishing profile designed to prevent tile edges from chipping. From these humble beginnings the company has evolved to a global organization with seven subsidiaries and 1,100 employees." (Source: Schluter Systems website:

What is the functional use for Schluter Systems?

Schluter tile edge finishes can help accomplish the following:

  • "Prevent Chipped Edges and Corners,

  • Prevent Tripping Hazards,

  • Accommodate Movement (e.g. expansion / control joints),

  • Make installations easier to clean,

  • Provide easy transitions,

  • Provide finished appearances,

  • Eliminate the need for caulking,

  • Reduce maintenance."

Schluter & Design?

Schluter does not have to be just practical for tile installers but can be used creatively to help designers amplify and style a space. We have seen designers create an impossible to distinguish matching trim or used bold metals and colors to create a high contrast design! We love using Schluter with decorative tiles and installers love it because it gives a picture-perfect finish!

Schluter offers trim in stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and PVC. Thanks to Schluter Systems, there is now an easy to install, affordable and design diverse trim that you can use to amplify your space and protect your tile investment!

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