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Less is More in 2022

One of the most beautiful aspects of interior design is how subjective and flexible it can be. Interior design is just as much about personal style and vision as the clothes one decides to wear or the music that appeals to them most. In today’s world, we are seeing a huge increase in social media accounts, network series, and entire television networks dedicated to residential interior design. Through these platforms, the audience is being exposed to a large variety of design styles and even a blend of multiple.

With so many unique design styles to choose from, how does one choose their favorite? As a designer myself, I greatly appreciate the boldness of Modern design and the beautiful coziness that is Bohemian design. However, when it comes to my personal favorite interior design style, I tend to lean more towards a simple and neutral palette. I am personally inspired by Scandinavian interior design.

Credit: Black Birch Homes

Scandinavian Simplicity

Scandinavian interior design refers to a blend of minimalism and modernism. This style arose in the early 20th century and became wildly popular in the 1950’s throughout countries like Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. A few characteristics of Scandinavian design are simple clean lines, lots of natural light, and lighter color tones throughout the design. Scandinavian design brings to life the concept of showcasing functionality without sacrificing beauty. Two words that I would use to describe this design style are fresh and inviting.

Credit: Intimate Living Interiors

I am personally very fond of the “less is more” approach when it comes to interior design. Now, just because a design reflects this does not mean that it is boring or lackluster in any way. This approach simply allows for the surfaces (stone, wood, tile, etc.) to be the main characters of the design. With such a simple and neutral base, this also allows for other items like furniture and artwork to bring in any desired accent of color. While the temporary items may trend in and out, the surfaces will always remain in style.

Credit: Vivir Design

Show Stopping Surfaces

Initially, I was drawn to this design style due to the overall simplicity that it exudes. As I searched more however, I was captivated by the overall connection the surfaces have to one another in Scandinavian design. The noticeably light wall colors complement the popular ash blonde tone of the wood that is often installed. The muted stains and colors used for cabinetry pave the way for the countertop to be the show piece. The abundance of natural light and large windows allows the space to feel even larger and open.

Credit: Intimate Living Interiors

Interior design will always ebb and flow with the current trends, as most things naturally do. We will certainly see specific aspects of design that are popular today become “dated” and “old-school” as time goes on. Personally, I believe that Scandinavian interior design will always remain timeless simply because it does not conform to trends. It is the classic beauty of interior design.

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