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**Tile material is sold per box; please see below description for amount of square feet included in each box. Add number of boxes needed to your cart**



  • The Anthea series is an Italian-made rectified through-body porcelain. 
  • Created using digital print technology, Anthea is a calibrated fusion of numerous natural stone materials giving this product a gorgeous depth and color range.
  • Anthea features PROTECT® technology, which makes it easy to sanitize and eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria. Besides being beautiful and remarkably resistant, PROTECT® surfaces have been crafted with Microban®, a proven antimicrobial product protection technology developed by the world leader in the sector.
  • Because this material is a porcelain product, minimal maintenance is required.



  • Designed for multiple applications, including floors and walls.
  • Commercial or Residential.
  • Interiors and Exterior Cladding




2x2 Mesh

  • Square Feet Per Box: 9.59
  • Price Per Box: $170.51
  • Price Per Square Foot: $17.78

Anthea ($17.78/SQFT)

  • 2X2 Mesh

    • Width: 2"
    • Length: 2"
    • Thickness: 9.5 mm
    • Tile Composition: Porcelain
    • Finish: Matte
    • Application: Interiors and Exterior Cladding
    • Usage: Commercial or Residential
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