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Carpet Comeback

Is carpet making a comeback?

When we think about carpet, we tend to think about neutral wall to wall floor coverings that are just “there”. Carpet has always given us that cozy, comfortable feel, but had little impact on the design of the space. Today we are looking at carpet in a whole new light. Designers are using carpet as focal points and designing rooms around it. Carpet has long been an afterthought, but it can be a way to express creativity and give a space personality and style.

Playful Patterns

Patterns elevate the style of any space. Patterns give a space a more sophisticated, intentional, pulled together feel. Tone on tone patterned carpets create patterns with small variations in color. These patterns give interest to the room without being overbearing. To take it up a notch go with patterns in contrasting colors. These carpets define the space and give it that “WoW” factor.

Photo Credit: Anderson Tuftex Taza

Photo Credit: Shaw Rustique Purity

Photo Credit: Shaw Fierce & Bold Snowfall

Soft, Subtle Patterns

Patterns can also be created by using the same colors with different textures. These can have a hi/lo appearance which add depth and dimension. This style of carpet is a great way to add style to a room without going out of your comfort zone. They also wear well in high traffic areas as a bonus!!

Photo Credit: Digs Digs

Photo Credit: Digs Digs

Carpet Tiles

Looking for fun patterns, textures, and colors? Carpet tiles are a great way to really get creative with your spaces. These tiles are usually completely customizable allowing you to get exactly what you want for your space. With carpet tiles you can play with colors, patterns and textures mixing them anyway you’d like.

Photo Credit: Digs Digs

Photo Credit: Paul Raeside, Jennifer Ebert Homes & Gardens


Don’t forget to add style to your stairs! Using fun carpet on your stairs gives your home a completely custom look and feel. Using a low pile, patterned carpet not only makes your stairs beautiful, but durable. Low pile patterned carpets don’t get matted down in busy, high traffic areas. The options are endless. Busy patterns look great on stairs since it’s contained to a smaller area.

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Photo Credit: Pinterest thefarmhouselife

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