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Choosing the Right Countertops for Your Home

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

After making the decision to upgrade your countertops, choosing the right material is a must! Allow us to help you make the decision simple.


When selecting countertops for your home, it can be challenging to know what material to choose. With so many colors and styles available, choosing the stone you want on top of everything else can be overwhelming. Not to worry! -We’ve created a simple guide below to help make your design decisions easier!

Your Kitchen Needs

In order to decide which material is best for your home, first you need to consider your kitchen habits. If you’re a cooking fanatic, how do you typically handle your countertops? When you use knives and hot pans, do you put them directly on your kitchen surface? If so, a more durable, sturdy material may be the best choice for you.

As for you take-out lovers, how much upkeep are you looking for in your home? Some countertop materials, especially natural stone, require more maintenance each year than others. However, if a certain look is the most important factor to you, a little extra maintenance may be worth it.

Natural vs Engineered Stone

While there are many possibilities for your countertops, the most commonly used materials are either natural stone or engineered stone. Unlike natural stone, engineered stone is man-made using ground-up rock and resin material. This allows for an extremely durable countertop, and a uniform look throughout. Natural stone on the other hand, gives a more unique, personalized look and is often more porous than man-made materials. This means that a little more maintenance is required, and the design varies from slab to slab.